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Music on the go

The functions of the music cover more, it needs to be reorganized for the better experience. According to the frequency of use, the music interface is divided into cammon and advanced.

In the common interface, it includes the play, pause last and next, and remove the album cover and other unimportant into. In the advanced interface it in cludes these functions such as the cycle of choice, song list, like, share. Users can select it by dragging the center circle.

Proportional design, extremely sharp and sophisticated

Exquisite dial, unique watch texture, soft strap, give you a different experience. Our watches are suitable for anyone, male or female, 100% high quality. This is the best gift for someone who gives you love. Stylish and comfortable, suitable for all occasions. Variety of styles, easy to wear, LED watches. This product comes with a waterproof function, which can reach 50M deep in the case of swimming.

Voice assistant

Long press the screen, voice assistant will be activated.


Application lists

The design of the icons is derved from the constellation, which consists of dots and lines to form the icon surface, in oder to keep their recongnition and simplicity. The scroll bar a meteor moves at outside surface.

Beauty and subtlety of weather and special charging design.

Each planet in the wastness of the universe has its scenery. They could form the different beautiful weather if we put them together.

The design of the charging interface is derived from the eclipse. With the increasing of the electricity, the glare of the sun changes bigger.


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