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Rodent Molar Luxator

It plays a vital role in the small animal dental, nasal, and neurosurgical procedures. The features are double-ended working edges

Rodent Mouth Gag

The rodent mouth gag designed with the help of specialists to hold the anaesthetized rabbit or rodent in the best

Rodent Pouch Dilators

Pouch Dilator Dental Instruments are used for the retraction of the cheeks to facilitate visualization and access to the teeth.

Root Tip Pick

Stainless Steel root tip pick set. Available in left, right and straight Tip.

Tartar Removing Forceps

Whenever there is an overwhelming quantity of tartar buildup on a dog’s teeth, Tartar Removal Forceps are frequently employed. The

Teeth Extraction Forceps

Stainless Steel Material Teeth extraction forceps for rabbit cheeks.

Teeth Separating Forceps

When adult teeth have developed behind or in front of juvenile incisors, they must be separated and split. The juvenile

Tooth Rasp

Tooth Rasp is a tool for rasping the teeth of rabbits and rodents. Rodents Tooth Rasp comes very handy for