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Rodent Incisor Luxator

Stainless Steel Rodent Incisor Luxator. Useful aid to loosen and break down the periodontal ligaments on the medial and distal

Rodent Molar Luxator

Stainless Steel Rodent Molar Luxator. Used to break down periodontal ligaments on all four aspects of the premolar and molar

Rodent Mouth Gag

Rodent Mouth Gag adjustable. High quality stainless Steel. Screw is placed for adjustment

Rodent Pouch Dilators

Pouch Dilator of premium Stainless Steel. Wire is twisted to make this product. Short Reach Head made of twisted wire.

Root Tip Pick

Stainless Steel root tip pick set. Available in left, right and straight Tip.

Tartar Removing Forceps

Stainless Steel Tartar Removing Forceps. Controlled Grip Forceps for tartering Process.

Teeth Extraction Forceps

Stainless Steel Material Teeth extraction forceps for rabbit cheeks.

Teeth Separating Forceps

Manufactured from Stainless Steel Upper and Lower Teeth Separation Forceps. Sharp Cutting jaws with controlled Grip.  

Tooth Rasp

Small Animals (Rodents) tooth Rasp Stainless Steel Standard Handle