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Extraction Forceps (Cross Hatched)

Root fragment forceps with a spring-loaded mechanism are perfect for retrieving mobile broken root pieces and small, sensitive teeth. The

Extraction Forceps Root Tip

Spring loaded root tip. Have grooved tips with fine curved ends ideal for root extraction. Alternative to regular extraction forceps as the small jaws

Mouth Gag Set (Spring Bar)

Made of High quality Stainless Steel. Highly Compressible due to wire. Designed for Cats and Dogs. Available in Small, Medium,

Mouth Gag Twisted Wire

High Quality Stainless Steel. Wire is twisted to make this product.

Mouth Gags

A mouth gag is a surgical instrument used to keep the animal’s mouth open while operating in the dental cavity

Mouth Retractor

High Quality Stainless Steel Retractor. Small Animal dental Solution.

Mouth Spatula

The Dental Spatula is a fragile and lightweight instrument designed to spread, lift, and mix filling materials. Stainless Steel Mouth

Periosteal Dental Elevator

Used to lift a muco-periosteal flap off the bone when performing surgical extractions. Made of Stainless steel.

Periosteal Elevator Double Ended

Stainless Steel Double ended Periosteal Elevator. The periosteal elevator is used to lift a muco-periosteal flap off the bone when performing surgical extractions. The fine

Probe (Double Ended)

A periodontal probe is used to measure the depth of the gingival sulcus and periodontal pockets in millimeters to help

Rodent Forceps

Rabbit (rodent) oral and dental treatment necessitates specialized equipment, instruments, training, time, and patience. The Micro Vision Rats Molar and

Rodent Incisor Luxator

 It plays a vital role in the small animal dental, nasal, and neurosurgical procedures. Stainless Steel Rodent Incisor Luxator. Useful