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Dental Forceps

Stainless Steel Dental Forceps. Used for small Animal Dental Extraction Process.

Dental Fragment Forceps

Spring Loaded dental forceps. Used for small animal Fragmentation Process.

Extraction Forceps (Angled Jaw)

Stainless Steel Angled Jaw Forceps. Cross Hatched Grip Forceps. Make easy the extraction process.

Extraction Forceps (Cross Hatched)

Extraction Forceps with Cross Hatched Grip. Used to move dressings, remove sutures and similar tasks.

Extraction Forceps Root Tip

Spring loaded root tip. Have grooved tips with fine curved ends ideal for root extraction. Alternative to regular extraction forceps as the small jaws

Rodent Forceps

Stainless Steel Forceps. Rodent Teeth cutting Forceps.

Tartar Removing Forceps

Stainless Steel Tartar Removing Forceps. Controlled Grip Forceps for tartering Process.

Teeth Extraction Forceps

Stainless Steel Material Teeth extraction forceps for rabbit cheeks.

Teeth Separating Forceps

Manufactured from Stainless Steel Upper and Lower Teeth Separation Forceps. Sharp Cutting jaws with controlled Grip.  

Tooth Rasp

Small Animals (Rodents) tooth Rasp Stainless Steel Standard Handle